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Galactic akashic records

The only limits to our perceptions are our limiting beliefs and thoughts. So, what if we opened ourselves to the idea that plans other than Earth can be presented to us in the Akashic record readings ?

Indeed, the Akashic archives hold information linked to our soul, and those which are fair for the person requesting a reading are presented in order to help them understand and unblock a problem. Perhaps this fair information can come from a galactic dimension, our soul experiencing on many planes.

When do the Akashic Records show galactic lives?

This happens if the person's soul needs it to shed light on their issues and challenges, to understand their mission here on Earth. This can also be due to the intention of the person who feels "from elsewhere" and needs answers to move forward.

Is this just for Starseeds?

For me, there are indeed people who have not experienced many lives on Earth, and who have recently come as reinforcements to raise awareness and raise the vibration rate of others. But in absolute terms, everyone can have galactic lives, so everyone can explore them if it's right in their path.

The objective of reading Akashic archives is always the same: to understand, to unlock, to decrystallize situations, repetitive patterns, to regain one's personal and creative power.

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